How It Works

Welcome to! By coming together in purchasing power we can raise millions of dollars to support school programs, projects and events. is a shopping portal that allows you to help strengthen and enrich your school by capturing a percentage of every dollar you spend. With over 600 participating top-name national and local retailers, you won’t have to compromise on price or quality to support your school. You pay nothing extra. Plus, it's registration and hassle free.

1. Select your community or the city/town where your school is located.

2. Choose the school you want to benefit. 

3. Click on the mall entrance to start shopping. Click on any of the store logos and you will be taken directly to that retailer's website.

It's that simple. Rewards Program will rebate up to 30% of every dollar you spend to any school you choose. Rebates vary among Participating Retailers. Each time you shop at a participating retailer through, the school you choose will automatically receive the full percentage listed for that retailer.

If you can't find the school you’re looking for, you can use the Submit a School link. sends checks on a monthly basis to schools who have generated a minimum of $25 in rebates. Given the delay in receiving information from our retailers, it may take up to four weeks to update the amount designated for a given school. Note: Some retailers allow for returns, up to 90 days, before a rebate can be generated. puts your purchasing power to good use. Make every purchase count by starting your online shopping on Why wouldn't you?

Help us to to increase the impact and effectiveness of the by taking the initiative to share the program with friends and family. Use our Tell a Friend link. incurs no liability for any goods or services sold by partnering retailers. Contact the retailers directly with any questions or concerns about the goods and services they provide.

Virtually every item you purchase through can earn a contribution. We cannot, however, pay a rebate contribution based on taxes, shipping, any portion of the purchase that constitutes a fee or other charge, a purchase that is paid for with coupons, gift certificates, a store credit, or when payments have not been received by the retailer. In addition, a few cases where merchants have specifically noted exceptions are listed below:

Merchant Related Exceptions

Any purchase in which the transaction is substantially completed by telephone or by a salesperson does not earn a contribution.

Returns are subject to the return policy of the retailer from whom you purchased. If you return or cancel an item, any contribution you earned from the purchase will be reversed. In the process of an exchange, the merchant cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. When doing this, a new contribution is not earned unless you make sure all returns are final and that it is not an exchange. Have the merchant refund your credit card, and then re-order through to receive the contribution.

Gift Certificates: can’t pay contributions for the portion of a purchase that is made with gift cards or certificates. Nor can we pay contributions for the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards, with the exception of those purchased at Home Depot.

In-Store Pickup: Purchases made online but picked up at the retailer do not qualify to earn a contribution.

Merchant Catalogs: Any order for a merchant catalog is not eligible for a contribution.

Monthly Deliveries: Wine-of-the-month clubs, monthly pet food deliveries and telephone service packages are not eligible for contributions unless all months are paid up-front through