About Us

SchoolClubRewards.comô, was founded to provide schools and their organizations with an easy, absolute ZERO cost mechanism to help themselves raise much needed funds by allowing their communities involvement.

As the nation works to slow down and reverse our current economy situation, SchoolClubRewards.comô offers a start, not as a solution, to the current schools budget crisis as it empowers the schools and the communities to do something now, without waiting for the usual channels.

Harnessing the community's enormous purchasing power, SchoolClubRewards.comô combines technology and online commerce to provide a income stream to those schools that choose to participate.

SchoolClubRewards.comô, rebates a percentage of sales to local schools. This untapped revenue is a no-cost funding solution generated by citizens' everyday purchases.

SchoolClubRewards.comô aims to unite and empower citizens to use their purchasing power to benefit the common good and to increase their impact and effectiveness by collective action.

SchoolClubRewards.comô encourages participation in no-cost funding through local citizen initiatives, and serves the community with the highest degree of stewardship and accountability.

SchoolClubRewards.comô makes funding simple and FREE.